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Dwaith Infotech IT Outsourcing dept makes it possible to leverage best-of-breed technology, IT talent, and our IT infrastructure while minimizing risk and maximizing return on investment. With our IT Outsourcing, financial and human resources are freed up and can focus on the strategic initiatives that create value.

Our Outsourcing Services is designed to provide a tailored outsourcing solution to meet your needs. You choose the platform, the software, the usage level and degree of support that most closely matches your business needs. You determine the length of the commitment. Through it all, you retain control of your data, applications and system software.

By offering flexible service options, we provide a cost-effective outsourcing solution to help meet changing business demands, sustain growth and help protect your existing technology investments.

Investing in new technologies can mean large capital outlays, investment in human talent, and other big challenges. Organizations are increasingly turning to Information Technology, or IT, outsourcing to improve technology services and performance while controlling costs. 

We will help you gain increased visibility into service delivery by helping you develop business focused processes and governance models. We also deliver managed services with the same level of transparency. Including dashboards that show you how well we are performing.

We have the multi-vendor expertise and services you need. Whether you need help making business vision a reality. Designing processes to support new solutions. Or developing a more effective approach to ongoing support and maintenance requirements.
We take a lifecycle approach to all projects and deliver on the goals and deliverables for each stage — Plan, Build, Run, and Monitor. We view every project through this prism and meet the challenges inherent in each stage. As a result, we’ve developed service offerings that map to individual stages of this framework, creating efficiencies and improving effectiveness at every step along the way.

As an experienced IT outsourcing partner, we work with clients in many industries and countries to help them realize the many benefits of information technology outsourcing including:

  •  Reduced IT operating expenses and capital investment.
  •  Improved IT services and reliability for your employees and customers.
  •  Better anticipation and control of IT costs.
  •  Integration of existing systems with new technologies.
  •  Shorter next-generation system implementations.
  •  More time and resources to focus on core competencies.

Your organization will also be able to maintain control of business processes with our comprehensive account management system, as well as transition quickly to an outsourced environment using our proven change management methodologies.

Global IT Outsourcing Solutions

No matter your industry or global location, Dwaith Infotech offers unparalleled expertise and resources to meet your unique IT goals. Dwaith Infotech outsourcing features state-of-the-art outsourcing service center in India. The center is equipped with the hardware, software, network infrastructure, and talented staff needed to optimize system availability.
We've provided IT outsourcing services for our clients in many industries, in both public and private sectors. These include government, transportation, education, financial, commercial, media, and healthcare IT outsourcing solutions. To learn more about IT outsourcing and how to make Dwaith Infotech your IT outsourcing consultant and provider contact us a

Application Service Provider

Your business has reached the point that it needs an application service provider, but you're concerned about finding an application service provider that will provide the quality of service your company requires. We can help. We provide Managed Application Services, which are a step up from the standard application service provider model.
There are numerous reasons your business may need an application service provider.

  •     High turnover in the IT department leading to a skills shortage.
  •     High costs of new business applications.
  •     Maintenance cost of keeping your applications up and running.

In accordance with the application service provider model, a vendor supplies high performance, application-specific services to another business in need of those applications. The vendor's highly trained and stable staff can also meet consistent budget and service requirements. Therefore, an application service provider can deliver a high degree of technical and functional support services, which enhances your company's end-user services.  
With our Managed Application Services, Dwaith Infotech takes the functions of an application service provider to a higher performance level. Our Managed Application Services provide your business with leading-edge applications on a one-to-one, leased basis. Also, security and management are of the highest priority, which helps to reduce risk and improve your company's service levels. Unlike the standard application service provider model, there is also some degree of customization provided. The benefits to your business are substantial.

 We are ready to become your company's mobile application service provider. With our Managed Application Services, we can help reduce operational stress and control labor costs allowing you to focus on your business strategy. Discover the possibilities of our Managed Application Services.

You can leverage our services for each phase or bring us in at a particular point based on your specific need. Whatever you decide, our experts are adept and add immediate value at every stage of the project.


End User Services: Manages each individual’s assets within your organization to ensure their PC and other devices run at maximum efficiency.

Computing Services: Manages everything to do with computing resources. From your mainframe headquarters, to the servers in branch locations, to PCs located anywhere in the world.

Networks: Build an affordable, reliable network, with an architecture that leverages the latest proven technologies and market trends.

Security: Help you measurably improve your security position by creating the visibility you need to make security an integral part of your business operations.

Mobility: Get a mobile infrastructure that's secure, stable and cost-efficient. And adaptable to your changing business needs.

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