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For many of our customers, we also conduct induction training programs for their new recruits, mostly inexperienced. We can design a complete induction training program, keeping in mind the client organization’s specific requirements, the platforms that their people work on, the level of the participants, etc.

Online Training

Some of our training objectives are as follows: 


  • Corporate Training in all the areas of Software Industry
  • Enhancing the knowledge of the programmers in the languages they already know.
  • Training them on other languages and platforms that they do not know.
  • Providing them an overview of some of the important technologies, analysis and design methodologies, testing methodologies, etc.
  • Training them on the programming standards, etc. of the organization


 People, data, and machines-those who can manage all three efficiently are in high demand, Our IT programs will give you the knowledge and skills you need to start or advance your technology career. As a graduate of one of our certificate programs, you will attract top employers. The education is thorough; the courses are interactive; and, with flexible seminars, you can go to school anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Hands On Training

We offer competency-based IT training programs. These programs are designed with one main goal – making sure you and your staff will be competent and productive. And we guarantee that our training will be more cost-effective than training from any other source. 

Make “Techie” a Term of Endearment

For people in Information Technology and Computer Networking & Security, computers, not dogs, are their best friends. Hands-on and detail-oriented, they like configuring hardware and installing software.
They’re good at troubleshooting different components of system and they appreciate how so many components work together. Like firemen at a blaze, IT pros are the first ones called if there are any computer-related disasters at work.

Tech Skills

Our hands-on Information Technology training programs help you build your skills, increase your earning power, and change your life. We offer certification for Microsoft, Java, UDB, SAP, Cisco, Oracle, A+, CIW and more. 

Blended Learning Solutions

Dwaith Infotech customer-focused training choices in multiple formats and delivery methods, offering organizations and individuals top-quality training that can be tailored to meet individual learning styles and specific needs. Such as:

  •    Classroom Learning
  •    Mentored Learning
  •    Online Learning
  •    Online ANYTIME Learning
  •    On-Site Training

Certification Programs

Demand for skilled employees remains strong and growing on a daily basis. Information systems play a key role in nearly every business and organizations need to be assured that the IT professionals they hire can handle real-world, technology-based responsibilities, and employees and job seekers need credentials that demonstrate just that. Certification training provides a blueprint for IT professionals to plan, implement and manage those information systems. We are offering  the following certifications:

  •    Microsoft
  •    Cisco
  •    Shell Scripting
  •    UDB DB2
  •    SAP
  •    Siebel
  •    Oracle
  •    People soft
  •    Java 
  •    net
  •    Web development
  •    Software Applications and Programming
  •    ETL Tools (Abinitio/Informatica/Data Stage)

Technical training through us prepares students to get certified in specialized areas of IT. Technical training and certification can assist students in the following areas

  •       Enhance on-the-job performance and productivity
  •       Improve efficiency by learning optimum methods of solving technological issues
  •       Obtain advanced technical skills through hands-on, real world experience
  •       Keep up with changing technology
  •       Get an advantage when it comes to career development

We offer a multitude of technical courses that are required to earn the most well-known and credible certifications in the IT industry today. To learn about the certification programs available through Dwaith Infotech contact us at


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